Feature Highlight: ABS Serial Number Mismatches

It has come to our attention that some technicians are taking shortcuts when they discover ABS problems during a trailer inspection.  Rather than troubleshoot and correct the problem, some choose to connect the Verifier 1010 to a known-good trailer and re-run the ABS test to get a “Road Ready” result.

An eagle-eyed maintenance manager found this problem by noticing the ABS ECU serial numbers did not match on two inspection reports for the same trailer.  It’s very difficult for humans to catch this type of problem, but very simple for our cloud, so we’ve added this as a new feature.

If a suspicious inspection report is submitted, it is put into “quarantine,” along with other related reports, if any.  This means that technicians cannot see, view, or print the inspection report until a manager has reviewed the situation.  The manager is immediately notified via e-mail about the serial number mismatch, with links to each affected report.  Upon review he can determine which report(s) are legitimate and which are not, removing the former from quarantine while deleting the latter.  Once a report is removed from quarantine it can be viewed and printed by the technician as with any other normal inspection report.

Like most options, this is configurable on a per-site basis.  Sites or customers that don’t want to take advantage of this feature can disable it by going to each site and clearing the “quarantine” checkbox.

Resolving Quarantine Situations

When you receive an e-mail notification of suspicious reports, you may follow the direct links in the e-mail to view the affected reports, or go to the main menu of the Verifier Cloud and select “View quarantined reports.”  The former lists only the reports associated with a specific instance, while the latter shows all reports that have been quarantined, potentially as a result of several incidents.

When a quarantined report is being viewed, there will be a banner at the top with buttons to allow the report to be removed from quarantine or deleted.  Once you determine whether the ABS serial number was correct for that trailer, you can decide the correct course of action.

There are two situations that can cause a report to be flagged:  either an inspection report was submitted with an ABS ECU serial number that has previously been reported on another trailer, or the serial number does not match the most recent inspection report for a specific trailer.  All reports meeting those criteria are quarantined until a manager determines which ones are valid.

Note that if a faulty or damaged ECU is replaced on a trailer, this will cause a notification for the first inspection report after that repair is made.  As soon as the manager identifies the report as being valid and removes it from quarantine, no subsequent inspection on that trailer will cause it to be quarantined again.

If you have additional questions about this functionality, or suggestions for improvements, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-343-8579.