Feature Highlight: E-mail Notifications

In our on-going effort to make life easier for fleet maintenance managers, we’ve enhanced our e-mail notification functionality. You can now receive instant notifications when an out-of-service inspection report is submitted or when a report is quarantined due to a suspicious ABS serial number (more on that in the next post). In addition, you can “subscribe” to receive nightly, weekly, or monthly e-mails containing usage summaries or tire reports. All of these notifications can apply to your entire fleet, or a specific shop.

To start receiving one or more of these notifications, log in to the cloud (https://lcfleetsolutions.com) and select “Company Information” from the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner (for site-specific notifications rather than fleet-wide, select “Sites” instead, but all other steps are identical). Near the top of the screen you’ll see three links in blue text; click on the last, “Edit E-mail Notifications.”

Select the type of notification you’re interested in receiving from the drop-down list (see the description of each type below) and hit “Edit.” Enter the e-mail address(es) to receive the notifications. Use the trash can icon beside an e-mail to remove it from the list. When you’ve added all the recipients, click “Submit.” Depending on the type you selected, there may be other options on the form. See below for details.

Types of Notifications

Usage Summary: a brief report showing the number of inspections completed, and how many were OOS, for the selected time period (each day, week, or month).

Quarantine: an immediate notification that an inspection was submitted for one trailer using the ABS serial number of another, or a serial number that doesn’t match the last known serial number for the trailer. See the next post for more details about how the quarantine feature works, how to enable/disable it, and how to remove reports from quarantine.

Out of Service: an immediate notification that a failed inspection report has been submitted for a unit.

Tire Report: a link to the fleet tire report showing the status and condition of all tires inspected during the selected time period (each day, week, or month). To see only critical items, leave the “Include warnings” checkbox blank, or check the box to see both critical items and warnings.

As with all aspects of our products, we welcome your feedback and suggestions on this new feature.