Take Control of Your Fleet
The Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management System provides complete control and visibility of fleet inspections, status, maintenance, and diagnostics.


Clear Reporting
Put all vehicle inspection reports at your fingertips. While being securely stored on the cloud where they are accessible 24/7.


Perfect for Mobile & Shop
Kits are available for both the shop
and mobile environments.

Introducing the Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management System

Introducing the Verifier Fleet Maintenance Management Solution. This system consists of the a trailer interface tool and tire probe/pressure tool that are controlled by and communicate with a tablet with up to 150′ of range. This system walks technicians through the inspection process and sends all collected data to the cloud where inspection results and collected data can be archived, accessed, printed, and analyzed.

How will the Verifier help you?


Technician’s experience benefit in the repeatable inspection process, clear diagnostics, easily shared vehicle data, and in their ability to perform follow-up.

Shop Managers

Managers gain control over preventative maintenance inspection scheduling and processes, fleet visibility, staff management, and identification of fleet-wide trends.


Administrators can better employ personnel and financial resources through the tracking of technician performance and proactive purchasing of parts.


Executive level gain insights into fleet health, employee performance, tire use, and much more from the easy to follow fleet status reports.

Industries Serviced

Private Fleets

Common Carriers

Service Providers


Testimonials & Customer Stories

As the library grows with the reports and more information is available, Robby will be able to identify issues that may be site or fleet related such as managing tire wear and maintenance practices.

Robby Arnold - Andrews Logistics

Significant improvement for shop scheduling was the automatic downloading trailer data and information in the report. Trailer airline loss, ABS faults, tire conditions, and electrical faults are flagged for repair as well as placing the trailer OOS.

Randy Kunze - Grand Island Express

Sample Road Ready Report

Inspection dates, times, and how long it took to perform.
Inspection company information and who to call for questions about the inspection.
Type of report is clearly stated for review.
If work order numbers are used, they are referenced here for easy billing/hourly allotment.
Vehicle owner/operator infomation. This gives the registered owner information.
Inspecting technician information along with signed compliance statement.
Easily confirm which report each report is for with all of the license #, VIN, decal information, and internal trailer ID.
Identification of the tester used to acquire the automated data from a trailer. A Verifier 1010 and 1011 will automatically read circuit conditions, air conditions, and ABS conditions from the trailer.
Vehicle status clearly stated along with the compliance statement that the vehicle meets the 49 CFR 396 requirements along with any regional/state requirements.
Circuit condition is automatically tested with the Verifier 1010 and 1011. This data is included here. Short or open circuits will located in this section.
Condition of the Air Systems are taken automatically by the Verifier 1010 and 1011. They are displayed here along with any air loss during the test. DOT allows for 3 lbs. of loss on emergency and 2 lbs. of loss on the service side. These thresholds can be customized from the management portal.
ABS conditions are read automatically by the Verifier Systems and voltage, system configuration, manufacturer, serial number, mileage, and status are displayed.
Tire pressure and tread depth are semi-automated with the Verifier Tire Probe Tool. Technicians select the overall condition of the tire from their visual inspection and are able to notate and take photos of any damage.
The brake stroke measurement is made easier with control of the Verifier 1010 or 1011 from the tablet and measurements of stroke and pad thickness are entered by the technician are automatically combined to produce the vehicle report.

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